2014 Estate Lemberger

Rich with aromas and flavors of cherry, raspberry, and strawberry, the wine is a brilliant ruby in the glass.  It is light in texture, lower in alcohol (12%) than Charlie's other reds, and is closer in character to a dry rosé than to a heavy red.  We have found this Lemberger to be delightful chilled, and it pairs well with lighter fare.  We suggest pork or chicken in a light, fruity sauce with enough acid to match that in the wine.  $26

NOTE:  A case consists of 12 bottles.  Ordering 12 or more bottles earns a 10% discount, and a case may contain all one varietal, or a mix.



Year Competition Award
2016 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition Double Gold
2016 Jefferson Cup Invitational Silver
2016 Cascadia Wine Competition Bronze
2016 Seattle Wine Awards Bronze
2016 Wenatchee Festival Bronze
2015 Jefferson Cup Invitational Silver
2015 American Wine Society Silver