Blossom Tours 2014

Posted by wmw on April 15, 2014

This picture was taken on the afternoon of Tuesday, April 15, 2014:  this is what is called the "fingering oPears fingered out 2014ut" stage of pear bloom, which means that full bloom is not too far away.  It's a particularly beautiful time here in our "orchard garden", and we like to share this time with you via our "Blossom Tours".  Winemaker Charlie hooks up the ol' blue tractor (a 1950's vintage Fordson) to the orchard trailer and takes you on a magical, "interpretive" ride through the orchard, to the vineyard, by the river, and eventually back to the winery.

The weekend of April 19th and April 20th looks like it will be optimum time for "pear blossom viewing", and, on the following weekend, April 26th and April 27th, we hope that the apple trees will "cooperate" for you!  Mother Nature of course has a hand in all this:  colder weather will delay bloom somewhat, and warmer weather can bring the blossoms out much more quickly.

Blossom pic

This is the beauty of an apple tree in full bloom (above photo taken last year in late April), and, if you will notice in the picture, there is something to "bee" aware of:  there will be MANY bees in the orchard at this time.  Hives are brought in for the purpose of pollination, and while Charlie will give the hives a "wide berth" during the tour, you will indeed witness many bees working furiously.  (But, like us, they enjoy the sun, and if it's a cloudy -- or windy -- day, they may refuse to leave the hive!)

And if you are wondering about the vineyard at this time of year:  you will see the vineyard on the tour as well, and you will see that not much appears to be happening compared to the fruit trees.  The "romance of the vineyard" is for later tours...