Lamb stew with Syrah

Posted by wmw on April 13, 2013

In "honor" of the fact that April has become "Pear Month" in Leavenworth, we decided to post a pear recipe from our good friends Alex and Joanne Saliby, Leavenworth, WA:   "peared", of course, with either our 2010 Syrah, or our 2010 Cabernet Franc..

Lamb Tagine (Lamb Stew) With Pears, "Peared" with Wedge Mountain Syrah or Wedge Mountain Cab Franc

(from Joanne Saliby)



New Website

Posted by wmw on April 11, 2013

Wow! The new website is up and running!! Somehow, it just felt "right" that the first blog on our new website should be about the new website. Who knows what might show up here at some later date? Words From The Winemaker, Recipes, General Musings -- you just never know! Right now we are just excited that our new website gives us the ability to share more with you.