April and May

Posted by wmw on May 13, 2013

April has whispered and run away, and May is singing merrily along...  The "Blossom Tours" were a great success:  Charlie enjoyed giving our visitors a first-hand look at the beauty of the orchard in full bloom, as they rode on a trailer behind the Ol' Blue Tractor.  (Or, for one-couple tours, the "Wedgemobile" was pressed into service, much to the delight of some of our guests.)

The trees have now leafed out into their full-blown "summer wear", and even the vineyard is beginning (ever so slowly) to awaken.  The buds are swelling, opening, leafing, and (if you look closely) starting to show the tiniest of grape clusters.  Spring tree planting has taken place in the orchard (replacements for anjou and bartlett pears, and some apples, that have not survived some of our harsher winters).  Some vines have been replaced as well:  let the growing begin!